Quilt preparation

Before letting me have your top, please make sure it has been pressed well with all seams flat. Trim all loose threads front and back and if your quilt is directional, mark the top edge of the quilt with a pinned on label. If your edges are pieced, please stabilise them by stitching approximately 1/8th inch in from the edge. This prevents distortion and stops the seams coming apart whilst the quilt is under tension on the frame.

Backing should be pieced and pressed with all selvages removed. Please ensure the edges are straight and the corners square. This should be at least 4” larger all round than your quilt top to allow for natural shrinkage during the quilting process.

Wadding also needs to be at least 4” larger all round and pre wash it if required.

Pantograph Quilting

I have hundreds of allover patterns for you to choose from. If you are bringing the quilt to me in person, we would do this together in my studio whilst looking at your quilt and laying out the design on my computerised system. If you are posting the quilt to me, once I have received it, I will email you six to eight patterns for you to look at. If you don’t like any of them, I can send you more.


This is a service I offer for those who find it hard to baste their quilts prior to hand or machine quilting. When quilting is completed, just snip every third or fourth stitch and pull out the bottom thread.


I can machine attach a double fold binding with mitred corners to your quilt top ready for you to hand finish. Alternatively I can hand stitch it to the back of the quilt. Just supply a 2 1/4 inch strip the length of the perimeter of your quilt.


I can supply 100% cotton wadding in bleached, unbleached and black if desired. You can use your own wadding if you wish.